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Back to Front :- Rebel, Declan, Raine, Delphi, Kelsey and Candy


Left to Right :- Delphi and Kelsey

 Candy and Delphi and I

I fell in love with Tollers in 1994 after meeting Shilo ( Ch Missionviews Shilo of Kelmark ) at the Darwin Royal Show. After contacting Sara Coombes of Kirchoff Kennels in 1995 she sent me Trek ( Ch Kirchoff Overland Treker ) who was the foundation bitch of Lidlriva. Time permitting I am involved in conformation showing, obedience and retrieving trialling with my dogs. I am proud to say I am the breeder of the first Toller Conformation Show Grand Champion - Aust Grand Ch Lidlriva Gingerbread Man (Teddy) and the first Toller retrieving Champion Aust Rt. Ch Lidlriva Onyx Gundi (Gundi)

If you're looking for a keen, agile retrieving dog or a medium sized energetic family dog then the Toller (as they're affectionately called) may be for you! This compact intelligent retriever is a very versatile dog - competitive in a variety of dog sports including obedience, agility, conformation, tracking and non-slip retrieving as well as making a great companion for the active family or individual.

The Toller is the smallest of the retreiving breeds with the dogs standing at 18 - 21 inches and the bitches 17 to 20 inches. The breed orginated in Nova Scotia, Canada, where hunters wanted an agile, playful dog to "toll" (or "lure") curious duck and geese to within range and then have the capability to retrieve the game once downed. A Toller's powerful jaws are able to hold an adult goose with ease. Foxes have been observed in the wild tolling in their prey and the Toller's apperance reflects that of a fox - the exact origins of the breed are uncertain but they are thought to have been bred by the Canadian hunters from a variety of retrievers, cocker spaniels and local farm collies.  The first Toller was bought into Australia in 1991 - Ch Missionviews Shilo of Kelmark by Marilyn Kellie.

The Toller has a medium length, water repellent double coat, in any shade of red or orange with any combination of the following white markings - blaze or part thereof, feet, chest and tail tip. Lack of white on an otherwise quality dog is not to be penalized. The tail is heavily plumed and it is a feature of the Toller that, when in motion, the tail is carried above the topline - preferably curving over but not touching the back.

The Toller has a lively playful personality, although initially can be reserved with strangers. They are easy to train but bore quickly with too much repetition and respond best to positive training methods. The Toller is an avid retreiver and swimmer, having great endurance with a big heart. The "Toller Scream" is quite characteristic of many Tollers - this is an ear-piercing screech of excitement.

Tollers, similar to the other retrievers, can suffer from a variety of health concerns, including hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy, but breeders in Australia are striving to produce a healthy, happy, versatile Toller!



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