Lidlriva Tollers

Rt. Ch. Lidlriva Onyx Gundi - Gundi


Date of Birth :- 21st of October 2007

Sire :- Ch Fionavar Shooting Star CD - Declan

Dam :- Ch Kare's Candy Cane at Foxgrove Can WC. CD - Candy


2011 News

42 nd Australian National Retrieving Championship

2nd place on 412 pints, only three points behind first place,
also recieved

:- Highest Scoring Minor Breed


:- Youngest Dog to complete the National

Run 1. Triple mark - had long walk-up to firing point on bank of river. Facing left a beautiful white bird came up from behind a hill you only saw the top arc 120 metre retrieve, 2nd cast was 80 metres over large logs and small ponds, 3rd cast was to the right, but immediately in front of you was a giant tree root section about 4 metres in diameter, this cast was going R to L, most dogs missed this mark 120 metres handler and dog were positioned behind this root and by the time the dog was looking in that direction the game was down. Pick up 3rd, 2nd, 1st. Gundi saw all marks, He raced out to the r/h game, when he was level with the game I took out insurance and stopped him and gave him a left cast, and he nailed this. 2nd he fell into the trap of running along the top of another huge log where there were rabbit warrens and wanted to investigate. I had to cast him back which he did and nailed the 2nd. The third bird was the memory one and worth most points, Gundi nailed this with no commands.

2nd run - Double Blind & Mark – Leave dog behind blind, walk up to firing point fire at 2 blinds, first blind 60 metres across 20 metre stream, 2nd blind 140 metre at an angle 60 deg across two wide streams, call dog up as dog arrived mark went up 180 deg to your left 90 metres. Pick up short blind, Mark and long blind, dogs couldn’t get into trouble, Gundi went well.

3rd run – Rabbit blind and double mark – Long 150 metre blind up a very steep hill, with dog beside you fire at blind, reload then fire at long mark down dry wash out 150 metres with a short mark to the left. Pick up long blind, long mark and short mark, Gundi still in.

4th run – Gundi started to run hot from this run. A short mark 60 metres down a step dry river bed with heaps of fallen tree trunks, you fire at the mark, can’t see mark heavy pine trees on other side but you hear the fall, dog has to pick his way thru or he’ll get injured. You send your dog, you cannot direct your dog until you’re at the next set of pegs walk 30 metres to pegs dog has to find you thru the trees, As dog delivers the game, you send dog to long blind, firing two shots, down river bed 150 metres on bend but up step bank when dog is about 30 metres from handler a steward on top of the high bank blows a duck call and you fire at a mark, dog can’t see mark but hears the fall. (if you’re lucky). Judge said dog out of sight out of control. A couple of handlers spoke to their dogs when they shouldn’t and were asked to retire. A number of dogs picked up the long blind, sent to the mark up high on river bank returned to the blind, they were asked to retire. Dog were falling everywhere. For the three retrieves I just said to Gundi Fetch/give Gundi did a great run.

5th run – Double blind, mark with a diversionary rabbit drag. You leave dog in a blind, walk about 4 metres fire at the two blinds, short one 80 metres on rim of crater, 2nd one in line but 180 meters up very steep hill at base of tree between two very step washouts. (a number of dogs couldn’t get this bird as they went in the washout and were never seen for a while). After you fired at the blinds you reloaded called your dog up as dog got to you a rabbit was dragged out of a bush 8 metres from you, you shot once walk towards the rabbit and again the rabbit took off and you had to shot it again. Continuing walking another 30 metres and fire at a mark 80 metres to your right on the other rim of the crater. You then walk back to where you shot the rabbit and send your dog to the blinds. Only a few dogs tried to find the rabbit. Gundi was brilliant nailed the short blind one command, nailed the 2nd blind, no commands, then stuffed up the mark 3 commands. I was happy.

6th run – Mark – Blind and two birds – Leave dog in blind in bottom of creek, at firing point fire at blind call dog up, mark comes up 180 metres in front but hidden behind large trees, you just see the middle of the cast. Send dog to blind 130 metres, as dog returns with game a game is casted to his right 80 metres, you just see it but he has a good view, pick up mark and then the 2 bird. This run knocked out my Labrador Tic Tac, she ran for the mark behind the trees and no matter what I couldn’t get her off. Gundi blitz this.

Run 7 – Double rise/double fall – Gundi top scored this run Walk up to firing point game cast 80 metres behind giant boulders (they are everywhere) you just see the top of the cast. The judge said that he wanted to see the dogs attack the boulder, all dogs went around except Gundi, and he flew up the side of the boulder over the top down the other side and returned with the game. The concept of this run is you fire 2 shots at the first mark, reload, send your dog as dog is 40 metres away a duck call is made from behind another boulder and a game is cast, Gundi stopped to shot looked at me I raised my arm and back over the boulder for the first game. Returns with the game, as dog is returning another game is placed 10 metres from where the first was found, send your dog to the 2nd then pick up the third. Gundi flew over the boulder twice, Judges remarked that he was the only dog to do the run correctly. No commands.

8th and final run, this was a double mark/two bird memory with diversionary thru/in heavy bull rushers. Fire a long mark beside river 180 metres in heavy bull rushes , about turn fire at a short mark 80 metres in bull rushes, send dog for long mark as dog returns a game is cast from behind a boulder, dog see it into very thick bull rushes, pick up short mark the second bird. Very proud of Gundi on this leg no commands and he stayed and searches the area and finds bird where a number of the top labs gave up and had to be redirected back.

2010 News

Gundi has been doing exceptionally well in retrieving with Bob and Sue Boodnikoff being the first Toller in Australia to recieve his Retrieving Champion Title.


This year for the overall Field and Retrieving Association Gundi won three trophies

:- FRA Highest Scoring Retrieving Dog of Year

:- All Age Retrieving Dog of Year

:- Highest Scoring Minor Retrieving Dog of Year

2010 season started off with posivite results for Gundi. In the C.C.C trials Gundi came 4th, 4th and 3rd, in the next three trials he came 1st. This gave him his Retrieving Trial Championship, first toller in Australia. In the SSAA trials he came 4th, 3rd and 1st giving him entry into their Inaugural National, in atrocious conditions, continuous heavy rain and flooding, Gundi won this trial giving him his National Retrieving Championship Retrieving Dog Title in SSAA, again being the first toller to gain this title and in two seasons prior to him being 3 years old.

Its amazing this little dog has achieved such high results. In the dog world this is like winning the gold at the Olympics. Now Gundi's title is NRTW-National Retreiving Trial WGAA, RTCH Lidlriva Onyx Gundi. Sue and my journey has been one of excitement. Gundi being a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Breed of dog and an unknown factor in Australia, credit for Gundi's success must be given to his breeder, Emma, for selecting the right combination to produce such a pup. Gundi's attributes are being extremely focus on job at hand, fast, loyal, sociable, loves water, alert and biddable.

Left to right :- Sue and Gundi with Emma and Declan

Gundi's Journel for 2009

April 10th, saw Gundi competing in Novice at Benalla, Victoria against 28 other retrievers. The judge was Graeme Allen from South Australia, Gundi did some brilliant single marked runs and he came 2nd, lost by 9 points. 12th of April competing against 29 Novice dogs Gundi again came 2nd losing by one point, the same handler and dog won both days, handler Noel Eltringham with a young black lab, judged being Jim Hargreaves from Victoria.

Returning to Queensland on the 18th of April we entered the Joe Cockburn Memorial Trial, 4 runs judged by Dom Colasimone of Bundaberg. Gundi won against 17 competitors. The next two trials finished but wasn't placed. Sunday 26th April at Bald Hills SSAA Trial against 19 competitors, very hard runs judged by Margaret Wedgewood, only dog left standing was Gundi in 1st pface.

Sue handled Gundi in the Queensland trial and I entered Gundi in Restricted on the 2nd and 3rd of May at Woodwill. First day Amand Golle (QLD) was the judge and Gundi came 2nd. Day two Georgina Golle (QLD) was the judge and Gundi came first, with the scores from the first day added to the second day Gundi won the "Rising Star" Memorial trophy donated by Margaret Sullivan and Wendy Michalk. By winning the Restricted, Gundi was now a Novice Retrieving Dog (NRD)

At Burpengary, judged by Ron Jackson, Gundi again came 1st, but the following day under judge Bruce Wilson, Gundi on a triple retrieve failed to see the first game cast and failed this run.

At Jimna on the 30th and 31st of May judge Bob Price ran a 5 multiple run trial, Gundi broke on one of the runs, but ended up coming 2nd to Helen Cattermole's very good flat coat. During that weekend Gundi also won the fastest Gundog over 100 metres.

On the weekend of Queen's Birthday in June at John Palu's property saw the Bundabery Trial being judged by Kate Eltringham (VIC), Gundi came 1st. With three wins in Restricted he now gains his Retricted Retrieving Dog title (RRD).

Now being elevated to the top stake proved too much on the 2nd and 3rd he failed these runs. Mt Tamborine under judge Jack Lynch (NSW) and Helen Cattermole (QLD) little concepts failed Gundi both days.

Gundi entered the Qld State Trial, August 1t and 2nd judged by J. McCory (VIC) but failed on the first day. Gundi entered the Australia Capital Territory State on 10th of October and National trial on the 16th October but was knocked out on the first day.

Arriving back in Queensland and in Bundabery for the last two trials of the year, Gundi finished day one under judge George Price (NSW). On day two under judge Elio Colasimone (QLD) Gundi was placed first, he won by one point from Sam Haigh and my lab Tic Tac came 3rd. So Gundi came through the ranks from a raw novice in April to a 6 points champion in October.