Lidlriva Tollers

The " Grace Kelly " Litter


Sire :- Aust Ch. Lidlriva Boyzn Berry Pie - Trevor 



 Dam :- Lidlriva Grace Kelly - Mimzy

Born on the 13th February 2012

3 Boys




3 Girls




The " Truffles " Litter


Sire :- Grand Ch. Lidlriva Almond Nougat - Nugget


Dam :- Aust Ch. Andean Chocolate Truffle - Truffy

Born on the 18th January 2012

2 Boys

Redlored Rum Truffle

Redlored Almond Truffle

4 Girls

Redlored Champange Truffle

Redlored Caramel Truffle

Redlored A spot of Truffle - Enny

Redlored Cherry Royale Truffle - Billie




 All puppies have gone to their new homes, look forward to the regular updates.

The "Sea" Litter


Sire :- Ch Zirius Hot Shoe Shuffle CCD - Arrow


Dam :- Ch Lidlriva Aqua Marine - Delphi

Born on the 14th of November 2010

2 Boys

Lidlriva Seafarer - Finn

Lidlriva Sea Squirt - Kobe

5 Girls

Lidlriva Sea Anemone - Ruby

Lidlriva Sea Star - Kirby

Lidlriva Sea Spray - Ruby

Lidlriva Sea Sprite - Lizzie

Lidlriva Sea Breeze - Maple

For more puppy photos please click on the below link.


To watch some you tube clips of the puppies at 3 and a half weeks old click on the following links.

Feeding Time at the Zoo

Having a Drink

Play Time

All puppies have now gone to their new homes, if you are interested in a puppy in the near future, please contact me.


The "Burn" Litter

Sire :- Am Ch Edlyn Seastar Dodge N Burn (IMP USA) - Burns

Dam :- Ch Lidlriva Pecan Pie CDX - Kelsey

Born on 21st of March 2010

5 Boys

Lidlriva Burn Baby Burn - OJ

Lidlriva Burn Notice - Ollie

Lidlriva Burn For You - Harry

Lidlriva Slow Burn - Jasper

Lidlriva Let it Burn - Cooper

2 Girls

Lidlriva Burnt Butter - Zippa

Lidlriva Sizzle N Burn - Ruby